Faith, will and Ironman:

My name is Mikael Jamsanen and i’m from Finland. I dare to dream and Children´s Right´s and charity is my passion.

This Ironman is not just simply a competition for me; it is a part of my life story and my dream. I see it as an inner journey. I want to find and tap into my inner strength so that I am able to carry on with life.

I want to break the barriers in me and continue to keep moving forward whole-heartedly. My big dream is to leave behind something positive to this world and help children. I want to demonstrate courage and determination, and inspire people to believe in their own dreams. Having experienced it, I can say that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we believe in it and want it enough.

The Ironman project is a symbol of willpower and victory over difficult times. For me the Ironman is the ultimate test for overcoming one’s own limitations with faith and a dream. My project is officially under way and my promise is this: from this day on I dedicate each step, each kick, each stroke, each practice and each drop of sweat to children’s rights and youth and their future.

Each child is important and valuable, and has a future.

Hope And Possibility

Work through, drive forward, keep going with love.

Thank you – Ironmikael