I want to demonstrate courage and determination, and inspire people to believe in their own dreams.
Jämsanen tell shis story and how Ironman helped him go through the hardest, saddest time of his life…

“My daughter was born in January 2009 and I only had a few months with her until she was taken away from me. That was over 2200 days ago. I began my volunteer’s work in late 2009 for the rights of all children in Finland. My first goal was to promote changes to the paternal law from 1975, which infringeson the rights of the child. Losing the rights to see my daughter was a traumatic experience which cost me my job and plunged me into depression. But this experience also gave me the determination and the passion to redirect my grief into something positive and so I started to take careful steps into the unknown. My biggest crisis became my greatest source of personal strength.”

“I was willing to do almost anything to see my daughter again – including working to change unfair and outdated laws”.

And so he has. Jämsänen organised demonstrations in front of Finnish Parliament, gaining widespread media attention throughout 2009. It is now widely recognised that the actions of one determined Finnish father to see his daughter significantly contributed to the changes in the Finnish Paternity law, passed in December 2014 in Finnish parliament.

Faith, will and Ironman

“This Ironman is not simply a competition for me;it is a part of my life story and my dream. I see it as an inner journey. I want to find and get in touch with my inner strength, so that I am able to carry on with life. I want to break the barriers in me and continue the fightwhole-heartedly. My big dream is to leave behind something positive.”

“I want to demonstrate courage and determination, and inspire people to believe in their own dreams. Having experienced it, I can say that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we believe in it and want it enough. The Ironman project is a symbol of willpower and victory over difficult times. For me the Ironman is the ultimate test for overcoming one’s own limitations with faith and a dream.”

“I want to be the best I can be in life, to inspire and help others. Nothing is impossible,keep going and never give up.”

“I am full of hope and possibilities…
Work through,drive forward, keep going with love.”

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